So…Now What?

I ask myself this question constantly and it sometimes motivates me to do more. For example, as I mentioned before that I am a student and a farmer but there are times that I have spare time. So, I decided to get a job at a warehouse. The job is not labor intensive, although sometimes I do wish more labor were involved. The reason being that I come from a construction background and heavy labor was common for me. If it wasn’t tiring me then I was not working hard enough, at least that is what I believed then. Well, now I know that physical labor is not always the best indicator for working hard because there is also the emotional part of work. But, back to the job. It is simple and it involves just placing the product in the proper boxes and then closing it and sending it away. Not hard but unfortunately it is during the 3rd shift (Graveyard). Not accustomed to the hours but always ready for the challenge.

So, now to the heading and its origins. Back when I was younger, I remember starting my new job at a construction company. It was completely different from what I did while in high school. Nonetheless, I wanted more money and this job was my answer. Throughout that job, I received so much criticism from my coworkers about my age. I was 18 years old, fresh out of high school, and working with older people (roughly around their late 20’s). I could never join in their fun because most of the time it involved me being 21 years of age. So, I missed out on several outings with them and sometimes they would just not ask me whether I would go or not. It would get frustrating but I just kept working and taking their criticism. They would always assign the labor-intensive jobs to me or the least appealing jobs to me, and I did them without question. Within my first year, I received three promotions and raises. So, that question always came from the manager that would start off by saying the reasons why I would be called in his office. After he gave me the promotion and the raise, he would ask “So, you got your promotion, now what?” At that time, it was more for the money than anything else, and my response was reflective of that. My response would be, “more money to spend.”

I ask myself that question after I accomplish something and sometimes I surprise myself on my answer. My answers from then ‘till now have more thought into them and are slightly more goal oriented. I don’t know what my manager’s intentions were on asking me that question and it would be easy to ask him, unfortunately, he passed away several years ago. So, I use this question now to help me keep track and plan my future. I am interested in hearing whether people have similar stories about something that helps them focus more.


I Was Right!

As mentioned in a previous post, I was seeking to replace my old tractor. I found one and now I am waiting on the delivery since the gentleman lived in another city. So, I continued to use my old tractor. My plan was to use it until the one I purchased arrived. Well, my gut feeling was right about the old one. It broke down on me in the middle of plowing my field and so here I am struggling to bring it out from the field. But, this also gives me an opportunity to work on my tractor as far as mechanics goes.

Which brings me to another topic of my life. Have you ever encountered a problem where you had to learn a completely new subject to accomplish another goal in life? Well, in the past, my vehicle was my “everything.” When it broke down, I had no way of moving. So, I began to research all the basics of mechanics and overhauling a motor. Took more time than I had anticipated but I did it. I overhauled the motor of my vehicle and I could have not been any prouder of myself. I still use that vehicle today. So, now I have a tractor to look at, and maybe I could do the same. The good thing is that I finished prepping the area where I will plant my summer crops. This means a bit more time to research tractor overhauling.

My New Farm Equipment

So, as I begin here, let me explain a couple of things. Since I started farming, it’s been a rare site that I go and buy new farm equipment. But lately, my old tractor has been acting up and I don’t want to waste money on a tractor that has many problems currently. God knows how much that will be and how long it will last. I usually assume that all mechanics do the job right, sometimes. But in this case, I just wanted a new one.

I started investigating a new tractor and you won’t believe me but I found one. It is a nice tractor and I am wishing that the disc harrows come with it. If not, I may have to modify my old ones to the new tractor. The seller is looking for $5,000. Thank god for Tewyu because I only had $3,000 currently available. I recently asked my friend to download this app so he could let me borrow the money that I needed for the tractor. That very same day the money was in my bank. So hopefully by next week, I have a new tractor for my farm.

A Solution to a Past Experience

I have recently experienced something that reminded me about a problem I had in the past. So, I want to share this story with you all and then share the solution I just found. Something I learned from farming is that sharing information with fellow farmers can be beneficial.

When I began farming, it was just something to bring in money to my household. I was coming out of bankruptcy and borrowing money from friends and family was my only choice. In order for me to start my farming, I needed some tractor implements and they were not cheap. So, I began to shop on craigslist and other websites. I found one retired farmer who just happened to be selling his stuff in a hurry. So he gave me a wholesale price of $2,000 for all his equipment. He was moving to Hawaii and wanted to get rid of all his stuff ASAP because the new owner of his house wanted everything out. So he said that if I would bring him the money before sunset, that he would even lower it by $200, just to get rid of it that day. So, I made some calls to some friends and family. Only one had the money available but he was in an interview for a job. I could not ask him to drop everything so that he could bring me the money, although he would have if I had asked. So, I waited for my friend to get out from his interview but by then the deal was lost. The retired farmer decided to sell his equipment to another guy that offered him $2,400. He waited until I got there to tell me that he sold his equipment, but he saved one piece for me because he knew that I had no idea about farming. He began to share his knowledge about tilling the land and with the piece that he gave me, that it was going to be a big help. And till this day it still is.

So, bringing us back to the recent experience. I was also approached by another friend who is also a farmer, who was in need of cash for some farm materials. I was not doing anything that day so I took the money to him. But, still I had to make him wait on me and what if he was on a deadline like I was. Although I did arrive to him on time, I felt such familiarity to his situation. Now I just began to think about how to solve issues like this and it was not on my “to-do” list. Now, I have found a solution for this. It’s an app called “Tewyu” and from what I understand, it’s a P2P lending app that allows people to borrow money from family and friends. If this app was available in my past situation, who knows what would have happened. But for now, I feel obligated to share this with my audience and also people with similar situations. So, check the app out at and let me know what you think. I am interested in your feedback and I also believe the company is looking for people to test the app. I just sent them a request to be a tester so as soon as I can, I will blog on that.



Hello, World!

Ok, so that title may be outplayed by now but what better way to show that I am new. Well, first introductions, Right? Well, my name is Luis and I am starting this blog because of a project for school and because I want to become slightly more social with people than just my animals. So I will begin with a brief history of myself.I am currently a student and I have one more semester to go before I earn bachelor’s in business administration

I am currently a student and I have one more semester to go before I earn my bachelor degree in business administration. So, I am currently working on that. But, I have also started to farm commercially. I began farming because I needed money, and boy has it been a ride.  I have learned plenty of lessons through farming and I guess that is going to be the purpose of this blog. I will talk about farming, lessons I’ve learned while farming, new stuff I learned about farming, and also randomness.

There is still more to me and more will be shared later. For now, welcome to my blog. I hope this becomes another positive experience for me and for anyone checking this out.