So…Now What?

I ask myself this question constantly and it sometimes motivates me to do more. For example, as I mentioned before that I am a student and a farmer but there are times that I have spare time. So, I decided to get a job at a warehouse. The job is not labor intensive, although sometimes I do wish more labor were involved. The reason being that I come from a construction background and heavy labor was common for me. If it wasn’t tiring me then I was not working hard enough, at least that is what I believed then. Well, now I know that physical labor is not always the best indicator for working hard because there is also the emotional part of work. But, back to the job. It is simple and it involves just placing the product in the proper boxes and then closing it and sending it away. Not hard but unfortunately it is during the 3rd shift (Graveyard). Not accustomed to the hours but always ready for the challenge.

So, now to the heading and its origins. Back when I was younger, I remember starting my new job at a construction company. It was completely different from what I did while in high school. Nonetheless, I wanted more money and this job was my answer. Throughout that job, I received so much criticism from my coworkers about my age. I was 18 years old, fresh out of high school, and working with older people (roughly around their late 20’s). I could never join in their fun because most of the time it involved me being 21 years of age. So, I missed out on several outings with them and sometimes they would just not ask me whether I would go or not. It would get frustrating but I just kept working and taking their criticism. They would always assign the labor-intensive jobs to me or the least appealing jobs to me, and I did them without question. Within my first year, I received three promotions and raises. So, that question always came from the manager that would start off by saying the reasons why I would be called in his office. After he gave me the promotion and the raise, he would ask “So, you got your promotion, now what?” At that time, it was more for the money than anything else, and my response was reflective of that. My response would be, “more money to spend.”

I ask myself that question after I accomplish something and sometimes I surprise myself on my answer. My answers from then ‘till now have more thought into them and are slightly more goal oriented. I don’t know what my manager’s intentions were on asking me that question and it would be easy to ask him, unfortunately, he passed away several years ago. So, I use this question now to help me keep track and plan my future. I am interested in hearing whether people have similar stories about something that helps them focus more.


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