I Was Right!

As mentioned in a previous post, I was seeking to replace my old tractor. I found one and now I am waiting on the delivery since the gentleman lived in another city. So, I continued to use my old tractor. My plan was to use it until the one I purchased arrived. Well, my gut feeling was right about the old one. It broke down on me in the middle of plowing my field and so here I am struggling to bring it out from the field. But, this also gives me an opportunity to work on my tractor as far as mechanics goes.

Which brings me to another topic of my life. Have you ever encountered a problem where you had to learn a completely new subject to accomplish another goal in life? Well, in the past, my vehicle was my “everything.” When it broke down, I had no way of moving. So, I began to research all the basics of mechanics and overhauling a motor. Took more time than I had anticipated but I did it. I overhauled the motor of my vehicle and I could have not been any prouder of myself. I still use that vehicle today. So, now I have a tractor to look at, and maybe I could do the same. The good thing is that I finished prepping the area where I will plant my summer crops. This means a bit more time to research tractor overhauling.


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