My New Farm Equipment

So, as I begin here, let me explain a couple of things. Since I started farming, it’s been a rare site that I go and buy new farm equipment. But lately, my old tractor has been acting up and I don’t want to waste money on a tractor that has many problems currently. God knows how much that will be and how long it will last. I usually assume that all mechanics do the job right, sometimes. But in this case, I just wanted a new one.

I started investigating a new tractor and you won’t believe me but I found one. It is a nice tractor and I am wishing that the disc harrows come with it. If not, I may have to modify my old ones to the new tractor. The seller is looking for $5,000. Thank god for Tewyu because I only had $3,000 currently available. I recently asked my friend to download this app so he could let me borrow the money that I needed for the tractor. That very same day the money was in my bank. So hopefully by next week, I have a new tractor for my farm.


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