A Solution to a Past Experience

I have recently experienced something that reminded me about a problem I had in the past. So, I want to share this story with you all and then share the solution I just found. Something I learned from farming is that sharing information with fellow farmers can be beneficial.

When I began farming, it was just something to bring in money to my household. I was coming out of bankruptcy and borrowing money from friends and family was my only choice. In order for me to start my farming, I needed some tractor implements and they were not cheap. So, I began to shop on craigslist and other websites. I found one retired farmer who just happened to be selling his stuff in a hurry. So he gave me a wholesale price of $2,000 for all his equipment. He was moving to Hawaii and wanted to get rid of all his stuff ASAP because the new owner of his house wanted everything out. So he said that if I would bring him the money before sunset, that he would even lower it by $200, just to get rid of it that day. So, I made some calls to some friends and family. Only one had the money available but he was in an interview for a job. I could not ask him to drop everything so that he could bring me the money, although he would have if I had asked. So, I waited for my friend to get out from his interview but by then the deal was lost. The retired farmer decided to sell his equipment to another guy that offered him $2,400. He waited until I got there to tell me that he sold his equipment, but he saved one piece for me because he knew that I had no idea about farming. He began to share his knowledge about tilling the land and with the piece that he gave me, that it was going to be a big help. And till this day it still is.

So, bringing us back to the recent experience. I was also approached by another friend who is also a farmer, who was in need of cash for some farm materials. I was not doing anything that day so I took the money to him. But, still I had to make him wait on me and what if he was on a deadline like I was. Although I did arrive to him on time, I felt such familiarity to his situation. Now I just began to think about how to solve issues like this and it was not on my “to-do” list. Now, I have found a solution for this. It’s an app called “Tewyu” and from what I understand, it’s a P2P lending app that allows people to borrow money from family and friends. If this app was available in my past situation, who knows what would have happened. But for now, I feel obligated to share this with my audience and also people with similar situations. So, check the app out at tewyu.com and let me know what you think. I am interested in your feedback and I also believe the company is looking for people to test the app. I just sent them a request to be a tester so as soon as I can, I will blog on that.




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